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Medi 4 Ambulance Services are Recruiting. View our 'Recruitment' page to see current positions available.

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Pre-hospital patient care and transport solutions to NHS Trusts, public sector and private organisations

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Event Cover Medi4

Medi 4 provides high quality tailored medical support for your event

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Recruitment | Medi4

Join our team of happy staff at our Medi 4 - We are currently recruiting people to join our successful teams

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Working with the top insurance companies Medi 4 provides a high level of patient care abroad through our repatriation service

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Patient Transport

Non-Emergency Patient Transport in partnership with the NHS on a contract and adhoc basis.

Event Medical

Professional first aid cover for large national events. Key account and planning management. 


We provide a professional, 24 hour rapid response repatriation service throught the South of the UK.


Our crews can safely transport your loved ones throughout the UK and Europe. Critical care and complex transfers.

Training Services

Medi 4 can offer you the opportunity to learn from experienced trainers and crews who are out there every day using their skills

Medi 4 Ambulance Services

Setting the Standard in Patient Care

Medi 4 Ambulance Services provides a wide range of pre-hospital patient care and transport solutions to NHS Trusts, public sector and private organisations in the South Central Region and London. We are focused on providing prompt, high-quality service user care at the Advanced and Basic Life Support levels. Employees work diligently to achieve goals while maintaining the highest standards of care. This is imperative as patients depend on Medi 4 for all medical transportation needs.

Approved resource
with a vision

Medi 4 Ambulance Services set ourselves the highest standards in health and patient care aim to become the leading recognised and approved provider of ambulance services throughout London  and South Central England.

Well placed for
rapid response

Medi 4 Ambulance Services have the capability to respond quickly to user needs in the South Central and London Regions. Our operational expertise and effectiveness enables us to commence operations in any region within the UK with minimal lead time for deployment of services.

A cost-effective and consistent solution

At Medi 4 Ambulance Services we deliver robust, high quality patient care. We do this at reduced unit hour costs, whilst increasing your capacity and capability to deliver a consistent service to users. Medi 4 are registered with the CQC.